Worli Fort

The Worli Fort was built by the British as a precautionary measure around 1675 overlooking the Mahim Bay. The Fort is situated at a strategically important place from where the British Navy could see the vessels approaching the western coast of our country. The Worli Fort is does not attract many tourist because of the surrounding fishing areas. The Fort is in the middle of the Worli Fishing Village that makes the for quite inaccessible.

The Tall structure stands amidst the blue Arabian Sea. The entire area is dusty and covered with sand. The place smells of fish. However, one must appreciate the great vision of the British Administrators who could realize the danger that one might face because of the geographical location of the place. If one sees the map of Mumbai then the dangers from that area, especially during those days becomes all the more apparent and clear.

Inspite of being neglected for so many years, the Fort has not lost its old glory. The fact that the Fort was built with special care could be made out from the well-built structure of the Fort that has survived the vagaries of nature. The architecture of the Fort is revealed in the beautifully ornamented gate that leads to the entrance of the Fort.

The Government has not taken any steps to protect the Fort from its natural death. The Fort is a special attraction for Historians who wants to enrich their knowledge by visiting the various historical places. The only ray of hope is the NGO who have requested the Government to revive the old glory of the Fort.


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