Walkeshwar Temple

Walkeshwar Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva and is situated in Walkeshwar near Malabar Hill in south Mumbai. The locals also called it as Banganga Temple because it lies near the Banganga Tank. According to the legend, Lord Ram stayed at this spot on his way from Ayodhya to Lanka in pursuit of Ravana, the demon king. To worship Lord Shiva, Lord Ram constructed a Shiv lingam out of the sand. Hence, the name Walkeshwar derived from a Sanskrit word for an idol made of sand – Valuka Iswar, an Avatar of Shiva. A rather tantalizing piece of trivia about the place is that it was first built in 1127 AD by Lakshman Prabhu, a Brahmin minister in the court of Silhara dynasty Kings and later destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16th century and reconstructed by a business person and philanthropist from Mumbai in the 17th Century. The pilgrims flock to the temple during the full moon and new moon to worship the deity and is a superb time to visit the temple to witness its reverence in full glory.


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