Shri Mankameshwar Mandir

Mankameshwar Mandir (Temple) in Agra is one of the ancient temples devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated at Rawatpara, near Agra Fort Railway Station. It is said that the shiv linga is covered by silver metal and was founded by Lord Shiva himself during Dwapara era, when Krishna was born in Mathura. Shiva wished to get a darshan of Lord Krishna in child form. While he was coming from mount kailash he rested here. Yamuna used to flow here, Shiva meditated and night-stayed at the Mankameshwar Temple.He said “If I would be able to make Krishna play on my lap I will put a linga here”. Next day after seeing Shiva’s swaroop, Ma Yashoda asked Shiva not to come near the child as Krishna might get afraid of him. Seeing this Krishna did a leela(drama),he started crying and pointing towards Shiva who was sitting under a banyan tree in samadhi position.seeing this Ma Yashoda called Lord Shiva and asked him to give his blessings to her child(Krishna). Coming back from Gokul, Shiva came back and laid his linga(swaroop) here. Thus, he said “My wishes were fulfilled here;Whosoever in coming future comes here with his mankamna(wishes) this lingaswaroop will fulfill his or her mankamna(wishes)”. From then onwards this lingaswaroop is known as Shri Mankameshwarnath .
The temple has one sanctum sanctorum where the vigraha of Lord Shiva sits. It is surrounded by the typical Shiva family idols. One has to descend down a score of stairs to reach the sanctum sanctorum. One can reach fully close to the main vigraha provided one doesn’t wear leather items and English style pants, pyjamas, and salwaar suits.


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