Shiplgram, is a place in Agra in which brings in artisans and craftmen who specialise in unique and ethnic handicraft under a single roof.This tradition of making handicraft is limited to a set of artisans and has been handed over for generations.It is an effort to motivate these atrisans and keep the tradition from perishing in this fast paced era.

Shilpgram is a Craft Village, an open air emporium which showcases various artefacts which may not be found in the regular markets of agra.It is situated just about half a kilometre from the Eastern gate of Taj Mahal.This folk village is run by the Uttar Pradesh government and is constructed in a sprawling 11.5 acre area.One can witness superior,fine and intricate craftsmanship at this place.

You can shop for leather goods, carpets, rugs, fine embroidered suits, sarees,brassware, lamps, metalware, fine peitra dura work, and carpets.It has a refreshment stall,where you can grab bite in betwwen shopping.

If you want to enjoy the ethnic and traditional part of India, Shipgram is the place you have to be,During the Mahotsav,held genreally in the month of February.This will give you the glimpse of the rich culture and heritage of India.


6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

No Entry Fee.


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