Shaheed Smarak Park

Sahid Smarak is situated at the west of Hetauda city. It is one of the famous parks in the Hetauda. Among the popular attractions of Hetauda it is the unique place that was constructed to honor the martyrs of Nepal, including the ones who lost their lives since the time of British colonial wars to the ones who overthrew the autocratic Panchayat System in 1989.
The Park has become a tourist spot since its completion in 1994.
Martyr Sculpture
The main attraction of the park are the sculptures of these martyrs that are sculpted on one big boulder. The sculpting of the faces was accomplished by the student volunteers of Nepal Lalit Kala Campus.
Madan Bhandari Sculpture
Madan Kumar Bhandari was a Nepalese politician and communist leader. He is one of the historical personalities in Nepal history who fought for democracy. In 1993 Bhandari died, supposedly in a car accident. The place of accident is made showing Krishna vir along with roads and bridges and a sculpture of Madan Bhandari is kept in which he is pointing a finger implying unity.
Sahid Smarak little Zoo
The park has zoo which consists some of the endangered and some common wild animals from Common Monkey, Leopard, Tortoise, Deer, Owl, Ducks, Crocodile.


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