Rajabai Clock Tower


Rajabai Tower is a famous clock tower located in South Mumbai. It stands in Mumbai University Fort Campus located next to the High Court. The tower is, undoubtedly, an example of exquisite beauty. It has become one of the major tourist destinations in Mumbai. The tower was built by Sir Gilbert Scott, who modeled it on the Big Ben, a clock tower in London. The foundation stone of the tower was laid down on March 1869. The majestic tower holds a big clock which can be viewed from a distance. The clock also plays melodic tunes at fixed intervals. The tower has many impressive features and has been beautifully embellished with oriental figures. If you are on a tour to Mumbai, do not miss a visit to this place. It is one of most attractive architectures which Mumbai boasts of. The Rajabai tower is dedicated to the mother of its founder, Premchand Roychand.


It was on March 1, 1869 the first step towards the construction of the Rajabai tower was taken; the foundation stone was laid on this day. The model was based in Sir Gilbert Scott, who was an English architect. Premchand Roychand, an affluent broker who founded the Bombay Stock Exchange, agreed to fund for the construction of the tower. After the monument was built, the total cost was estimated to be Rs.2 lakh, which was an enormous amount in those days.

Rajabai tower owes its name to Premchand’s mother, who was a blind woman. As Premchand’s family was a strict follower of Jainism, his mother took her dinner before evening and the evening bell of the tower assisted her in determining the time without anyone’s help. She would then take the dinner herself. Premchand was the sole contributor for the construction of the tower and hence wanted it to be named after his mother Rajabai.


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