Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church Mumbai Mount Mary Church is a Roman Catholic Church, dedicated to ‘Virgin Mary’, situated in Mumbai. This ancient church, built in 1640 and then rebuilt in 1761, is also known as ‘The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount’. What makes this church even more beautiful is that it is sited on top of a hill known as ‘Sunderban Bandra’, which overlooks the mighty Arabian Sea. It is believed that the church has unbelievable healing powers and for this reason, the church is herded by devotees every day. Some also say that those who sincerely pray at the Mount Mary Church often get their wishes fulfilled. The ‘Bandra Fair’ or the ‘Feast of Mount Mary’ is a week-long celebration held every September at the Mount Mary Church. Tourists from all over the world who visit Mumbai always make sure to visit this popular church while in the city.

Things To Do

People who suffer from any disease bring wax figures depicting their illnesses to the Mount Mary Church in the hope that they would be cured. For example, a person with a broken leg will bring a wax figure of a leg. The week of the ‘Bandra Fair’ or the ‘Feast of Mount Mary’, which is held in September, is a perfect time to visit Mount Mary Church as it is completely decorated.One can shop for religious artefacts, innovatively shaped candles, wax figures of Virgin Mary or even buy Goan sweets from the various stalls outside the church.


The structure of Mount Mary Church is inspired by British style of architecture. This church is admired for being positioned on top a hill 80m above sea level that overlooks the Arabian Sea. But its structure, which is over 100 years old, looks even more beautiful with its scenic surroundings. One can never forget the amazing view of this church especially when the sun sets. Within the church, one can see the 16th century statue of ‘Our Lady’.


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